Classes And Highlights

Classes :

Gurukrupa believes that all students are musical. They can learn to sing in tune, understand rhythm, and perform confidently provided that their early environment supports such learning. Gurukrupa Sangeet Shastra teaching starts from a ‘Prarambhik’ exam up to a ‘Sangeetacharya’ degree.Over 50 students enroll in Gurukrupa Sangeet Shastra Vidyalaya annually. Individual attention is given to every student. Along with that students are also taught to play in a coordinated group. Students of gurukrupa have successfully participated in various competitions and taken part in concerts and gatherings in their schools, colleges and other platforms. An extremely impressive and qualified alumni has been built over a period of 25 years that gurukrupa has been imparting musical education.

Highlights :

1) Provision of taking vidyalaya violins home for practice.
2) 100% individual attention.
3) Sale of violins to students and their further repair and maintenance.
4) An extensive music library containing a collection of over 2500 books and CDs that can be used by students even at Ph.D levels.
5) Organization of “Gurukrupa Kalamancha”, a platform where students of the vidyalaya put up a stage performance.
6) Quizzes, discussions and slideshows on various topics related to music.
7) Consultation and counseling.
8) Work under process on the Gurukrupa Music encyclopedia and a project on Musicotherapy.

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